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Voice Overs

Here at Yard 1 we offer a professional and competent voice over service, whether you have your own voice over artist or you need to use one of ours from our voice over artist library. We offer a cost effective solution compared to recording in the cities and have facilities to allow for remote direction via an internet connection and telephone line. Click Here

Radio Jingles

We can design, write and produce your radio ads using bespoke or royalty free music. We have a database of voice over talents which you can pick from, or you can of course use your own.

Soundtrack library

An extensive in-house library of original instrumentals, samples and audio loops available to customise for your commercial soundtrack use for TV/radio/web advertising. Click here

Creating project-specific soundtracks

From Film scores, Radio Jingles to TV ads and web page advertising….. we can create the soundtrack you’re looking for by creating a bespoke soundtrack for your project. We have built a reputation on being able to create complicated works quickly and efficiently meeting deadlines 100% of the time.

Video, Audio

We offer Video/film creation service for TV, Internet ads as well as a comprehensive Audio to video ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) service.

In-house flexibility

In addition to being equipped with a variety of instrumentation, the Yard 1 staff includes classically trained musicians who can conjure up musical styles from classical to electronica.

All music/audio samples held in the Yard 1 library are the copyright of Yard 1 ensuring that the employment for commercial use is a hassle free process.