Studio Setup

Yard 1 studios contol room Studio Setup

Yard 1 offers a wide range of recording services, ranging from solo to group projects, and catering for both amateurs and professionals. Our facilities include a modern control room, 2 purpose built and acoustically treated studio rooms and vocal booth, to provide effective recording services for all requirements.

Yard1studiosA Studio Setup

We use a Soundtracs CP6800 52 channel in-line mixing console. 16 channel multi track recording, Intel i7 8 core, RME 16 in 16 out converters, Cubase 7.5, Sound Forge 10 and  Izotope Ozone to facilitate the best possible audio production. We offer multiple mastering formats including MP3, MP4, Wav, AIF, Ogg, Quick Time, Real Media, WMA and more.

Yard 1 studio B Studio Setup

Available standard equipment at Yard 1 studio

Alternative or specific mics may also be available, please request when placing your booking.

Computers – PC:

  • Novatech Intel i7 8 core,
  • RME 16 in 16 out converters,
  • Cubase 7.5,
  • Antares Auto tune,
  • East West Complete Composers Collection,
  • Soundforge 10,
  • Waves and T-Raks mastering tools,
  • Free WiFi Available,

Mixing Console:

  • Soundtracs CP6800 52 channel in-line mixing console

Synths and Samplers:

  • Emu Proteus 2000,
  • Akai S3000
  • Akai S01
  • Akai XE8 MIDI Drum Expander.


  • Yamaha DJX
  • Yamaha Digital Piano.
  • Roland

Mic Preamps:

  • AMS Neve,
  • SSL,
  • Toft and ART

Compressors and FX:

  • Alesis,
  • Behringer
  • DBX,
  • Lexicon & Zoom FX.


  • Audio Technica
  • AKG
  • Advanced Audio Microphones
  • CAD,
  • MXL Valve Mics,
  • SE Electronics,
  • Oktava
  • Shure SM57s/58s,
  • Various other ancillary mics.


  • Adam A77X
  • KRK K-Rok
  • JBL Monitors
  • 1000w Gemini Amp.
  • Mackie MR8
  • Numerous Audio Technica, Beyer and Sennheiser Headphones.